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My Favorite Television Show Essay

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My favorite television show that I like to sit down and watch at the end of a long day is Reba. I always look forward to relaxing in front of the TV and watching the witty thirty-minute episodes. This show provides me the perfect comic relief at the time of day I need it most. The show features Reba playing the role of a single, divorced, mother with three children, a son-in-law, and a grandchild all living under her roof. Her ex-husband, Brock, and his younger, somewhat dimwitted new wife, Barbra Jean also live nearby and are constantly dropping in unexpectedly. Reba has a very strong, independent personality. She seems to deal with problems with Brock and Barbra Jean with sarcasm and with her kids by means of love and understanding.…show more content…

She always wants Reba’s friendship and approval, but Reba sees Barbra Jean as an easy target for her sarcastic jokes. Even though Reba will not admit it, she eventually considers Barbra Jean a friend.
Cheyenne deals with the common struggles of being a young mother. She finishes high school and goes into labor on graduation day. She is challenged with motherhood, but has a strong support system with Van and her mother. Although she sometimes seems self-centered, she is actually very compassionate. Through her own struggles with alcoholism, Cheyenne realizes that she will use her experience to help others. She decides to focus on her college education so that she can become a counselor. She is forced to mature quickly to become a caring mother and loving wife.
After getting Cheyenne pregnant, Van’s parents kick him out of their house. Reba accepts Van into her home as her daughter’s husband and treats Van as if he were one of her own. Van is portrayed as being a goofy, teenage jock, but has a good heart and loves Cheyenne and their daughter Elizabeth. After his football career ends due to injury, Van grows up to become a successful real estate agent. He becomes a dependable provider for Cheyenne and Elizabeth and is eventually able to provide them with a home of their own.
Reba also has two other children Kyra and Jake. Kyra is smart and has her mom’s sarcastic sense of humor and fiery red

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This short essay on television contains introduction, brief history of television in India, its uses, and a conclusion.


Television is one of the most important inventions of the twentieth century. Today it is as popular as a radio. Television is a good and healthy source of both entertainment and education.

The world seems to have become small because of television. We can see with our eyes the events that take place hundred and thousands of kilometers away from us. Thus, television is a powerful medium of mass communication.

Brief History in India

Television started in India in September 1959. The first programs presented on television were meant for schools and rural area. The television set up was delinked from the All-India Radio in April, 1976. The television set up was called Doordarshan. The Ninth Asian Games were held in New Delhi in November, 1982. Doordarshan started telecasting some programs in colour. At present our colour television has a special charm for the public.

Uses of Television

Television is useful for a developing country like India. We depend upon agriculture. Our farmers are not educated. They do not know the scientific methods of farming. Television is helpful in this field. It educates our farmers. Thus it may play an important part in building our economy.

The population of our country is rising very fast. We can use our television to show the advantages of a small family. People all over the country can be educated about family planning schemes. Besides, television can be used for the spread of education.

The aim of our television programs is to promote national integration. India is a very big country. It is a land of different religions, cultures and languages. Television can bring about the cultural unity of the country. It can promote national integration. We can develop international understanding through television programs.

One of the chief aims of television is to give us pleasure. Many programs on television are meant for our entertainment. Sometimes games and sports are televised.


Television is very important for us. Its prices have also come down. Now people are after colour television. Many of us do not like the black and white set. Television programs are also coming up to the mark.

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