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Police Brutality Essay Argumentative Topics

If you have to deal with police brutality in an argumentative way, first thing you have to understand is that you’re supposed to be armed with special writing skills. The unique point about police brutality argumentative essay writing lies in the fact that it requires you to not just give your viewpoint on the matter, but to also properly structure and plan the paper.

Put behind all the stuff that usually takes away your attention, like Facebook, MP3, phone calls, etc., unless you’re in need of them to get better with essay writing. The point is that an argumentative writing requires 100% concentration on the author’s part on the “police” and its “brutality”. Make sure you provide facts, arguments, statistics and everything that is related to the essay topic in this or that way and lets you communicate with the reader.

The topic you have to handle is debatable enough which means you can feel free to present two, three or even more points of view. This topic provides you with a great opportunity to start a discussion, for the reason that the notions of the subject matter are almost opposite to each other: police is actually representing the government and is there to guarantee protection for the nation while brutality harms the representatives of the very nation it is supposed to protect. Nonetheless, if you take a closer look at the matter, you will discover a real whirlpool of real-life examples on the discussed issues. For instance, in accordance with the recent statistics provided by the Stolen Lives Project, the amount of cases on the USA territory related to the police brutality exceeds many thousands every year! An interesting fact: African-Americans are the number one group to be gunshot by the law enforcement officers.

It is highly important to provide your essay arguments on the basis of personal position, the modern society tendency and your reasons, data and arguments. Make certain to use only trusted and previously checked information sources, such as journal articles, fresh scientific materials, books and official websites. Get sure that each of the resources is properly referenced in accordance with the given (or chosen – it depends) paper style (APA, Harvard, MLA, Oxford, etc.).

Time to start writing. It is important to organize your assignment in terms of citations and grammar. The essence of the essay of this type lies in the necessity of each of your ideas and arguments to be 100% backed up by fresh data concerning the topic.

To make your paper more interesting for your audience, try to develop two opposite viewpoints. This method will give you a chance to present your key idea in a brighter light. There are solid arguments that can be given on both sides and brutality of the policemen is still a topical problem. On the one hand, police is supposed to essentially use force in order to subdue criminals who endanger the society while on the other hand, police representatives tend to go too far. Provide the best scenario for the case stating whether the police are supposed to become lenient or harsher even to the pettiest law-breakers.

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Steven Arndt is a passionate writer, educator and a former History teacher. He tends to reconsider the role of modern education in our society and watches with awe the freedom the youth now has.

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24 Winning Argumentative Essay Topics About Police

If you want to write a strong argumentative essay about police, you should choose a good topic. There are many interesting issues in this area to explore, and most of them are likely to suit your needs. Remember to pick an interesting idea to research. Your topic should be rather controversial as well. Therefore, make sure that there are at least two different opinions on the issue of your choice. Finally, don’t forget that your position should be supported with logical and reasonable arguments. If you have solid evidence, your argumentative paper will be a success. To be inspired, refer to the following list of powerful argumentative essay topics about police collected by my essay geek :

  1. Can the police brutality be justified?
  2. Should the police stop-and-frisk tactic be forbidden because it violates constitutional rights of minorities?
  3. Should the police be allowed to take away a driving license or even to confiscate a car if a driver texts while driving?
  4. Does the police practice of using the social media to solve crimes violate the privacy rights of individuals?
  5. Should investigations of crimes be made more transparent?
  6. What can the mayor of your city do to reduce the police brutality on a local level?
  7. Should policemen retire later?
  8. Should the police skills be checked oftener?
  9. Is the fight against the police corruption in your country effective?
  10. Should policemen in rural areas be supplied with the same equipment as urban officers?
  11. Should the police have the right to search anyone’s car if a drug-sniffing dog signals for drugs in it?
  12. How important is it to have equal representation of races in the police office?
  13. Should more minorities be encouraged to become police officers?
  14. Should all police officers wear body cameras?
  15. When can the death penalty be justified?
  16. Life sentences for juvenile offenders: what crimes should be punished this way?
  17. Should the police have the right to check the legal status of any person on a street?
  18. Do police officers treat rich and poor people equally nowadays?
  19. Should marijuana be legalized in order to give more time for the fight against really dangerous drugs?
  20. Is it dangerous to be a policeman in a rural area?
  21. Is there any gender discrimination in the police office?
  22. Should police officers respond to criminal situations while off-duty?
  23. Does corruption affect promotions up the police career ladder?
  24. Should police motorcycles be used oftener to catch dangerous suspects on the streets of large cities?