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Fsx Key Assignments

A collection of Key-Mapping issues & fixes for FSX and FSX Acceleration.

If you are using FSX Acceleration,
and Catapult/Arrestor Ops, Hoist/Sling Ops, or Multiplayer Racing activities fail to respond to keys,
you must correct that issue first, before applying any tweaks listed below.

Please see - Key Mapping (FSXA) for FSX Acceleration correction info.


The keystroke commands which allow you to interact with FSX
are stored in an xml file named Standard.xml.

Locating Standard.xml

Warning -
Do not use/edit the installation backup copy of Standard.xml located in your FSX root folder.
The installation backup copy version contains additional information for all manufacturers hardware types, (joysticks/yokes/pedals/joypads/etc.).

You should only ammend the working-copy of Standard.xml
The working-copy version is specific to your installed hardware.

The working-copy of Standard.xml is located in your user profile, at -

OSStandard.xml location
XP C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\Controls\
Vista C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Controls\

Editing Standard.xml

Warning -
Any edits must be made with a text-editor, e.g. Notepad.
Do not use a formatting-editor, e.g. Word or Wordpad, as it may corrupt the file.

Warning -
Any edits must be made with FSX shutdown.

Available Keys

To find key combinations available for mapping your assignment - Keys - Listing - Default Types (FSXA).

Displaying airport names


Difficult to identify and locate airports in unfamiliar areas.


The airport's name can be displayed above airports. (Undocumented feature of FSX).
Places a red airport name label, visible -

  • Range maximum 20nm
  • Approximately 1500' above airport reference point.
  • Through terrain.
  • User aircraft must be higher than the airport reference point, (otherwise airport-label disappears).

Edit the file Standard.xml as explained above.
Add the following code to the first SimControls.Map group, (KEYBOARD_MAIN section at the very top of the file).

<Entry> <Key>CTRL+SHIFT+P</Key> <Down>TOGGLE_AIRPORT_NAME_DISPLAY</Down> </Entry>

CTRL+SHIFT+P will now toggle the display of 'Airport Labels'.


For multiplayer use, suggest changing user/ai aircraft label's colour to yellow,
as the airport name label's red colour is not changeable.


Credit to Lamont Clarke, (lc0277).
Key-mapping ammended due to clash with FSX Acceleration key-mapping.



To enable aircraft wing-fold, for any wingfold enabled model, (e.g. for FSX Acceleration FA-18A).


Edit the file Standard.xml as explained above.
Add the following code to the first SimControls.Map group, (at the very top of the file).

<Entry> <Key>CTRL+SHIFT+K</Key> <Down>TOGGLE_WING_FOLD</Down> </Entry>

KEY_TOGGLE_WING_FOLD or KEY_SET_WING_FOLD could also be utilised to fold an aircraft tail.



For non-Acceleration users only, (already incorporated in Acceleration key map).
To enable aircraft tailhook, for any tailhook enabled model, .


Edit the file Standard.xml as explained above.
Add the following code to the first SimControls.Map group, (at the very top of the file).

<Entry> <Key>SHIFT+Q</Key> <Down>TOGGLE_TAIL_HOOK_HANDLE</Down> </Entry>



Annoyed by the don't sink or terrain callouts ?


Ultimate method for GPWS control -

Open up the settings -> controls -> buttons menu in FSX.

Select 'systems' in the event category drop down

Find an assignment called 'GPWS(Toggle)'

Assign a key to this and you'll be able to silence the GPWS system at will.


Microsoft Flight Simulator Handbook

by Jonathan M. Stern

MICROSOFT® Flight Simulator® Keyboard Controls and Equivalents

ControlKeyboard (F keys on top)Keyboard (F keys left side)
Left Aileron*Keypad 4Keypad 4
Center Ailerons*Keypad 5Keypad 5
Right Aileron*Keypad 6Keypad 6
Up Elevator*Keypad 2Keypad 2
Down Elevator*Keypad 8Keypad 8
Up TrimKeypad 1Keypad 1
Down TrimKeypad 7Keypad 7
Left RudderKeypad 0Keypad 0
Center RudderKeypad 5Keypad 5
Right RudderKeypad EnterKeypad Enter
Flaps Retracted*F5F1
Flaps 10°*F6F3
Flaps 20°*-F5
Flaps 30°*F7F7
Flaps 40°*F8F9
Spoiler (Lear and Schweizer)*//
Throttle Increase*Keypad 9 or F3Keypad 9 or F6
Throttle Decrease*Keypad 3 or F2Keypad 3 or F8
Throttle ClosedF1F10
Throttle Full OpenF4F4
Propeller Increase RPM*Ctrl+Keypad 9Ctrl+Keypad 9
Propeller Decrease RPM*Ctrl+Keypad 3Ctrl+Keypad 3
Propeller Low RPMCtrl+F1Ctrl+Fl0
Propeller High RPMCtrl+F4Ctrl+F2
Mixture Enrich*Ctrl+Shift+Keypad 9Ctrl+Shift+Keypad 9
Mixture Lean*Ctrl+Shift+Keypad 3Ctrl+Shift+Keypad 3
Mixture Idle CutoffCtrl+Shift+FlCtrl+Shift+Fl0
Mixture Full RichCtrl+Shift+F4Ctrl+Shift+F2
EGT Bug RightU+Plus SignU+Plus Sign
EGT Bug LeftU+Minus SignU+Minus Sign
Calibrate Altimeter*BB
Calibrate Heading Indicator*DD
Calibrate JoystickKK
Landing Gear Up/DownGG
Differential Brakes LeftF11F11
Differential Brakes RightF12F12
Parking BrakesCtrl+PeriodCtrl+Period
Carburetor Heat On/Off*HH
Magnetos On/Off*M,+ or -M,+ or -
Lights All On/Off*LL
Instrument Panel Lights On/OffShift+LShift+L
Landing Light On/OffCtrl+LCtrl+L
Strobe Lights On/Off*OO
Autopilot On/Off*ZZ
* Indicates items that can be controlled with a mouse.

Table of Contents
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