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Create Your Own Myth Essay

NAME: Matt Tanner
TITLE: The Creation of the Earth

MYTH: The loving and heart-warming forgotten story to tell you,
The dark was a king of the universe way back when,
But he was in pain, KABOOM!, the most powerful EL, the god of the sky, creation and nation of Israel spew out of king dark’s chest,
Then there was everything, already born.
After of such time, he took a matter into his own hands and created his numerous children,
The list of names as follows:
The Ephraim lineage:
Neith and Nun-the earth and the chaotic waters
Ra – Goddramon  Egyptian god of the sun,
Tefnut- Egyptian goddess of rain, snow, hail, ice, cold wind,
Shu- Egyptian god of air,
Nut- Egyptian goddess of the sky
Geb- Egyptian god of the earth
Osiris- Egyptian god of the under earth,
Hathor-ast- Egyptian mother goddess,
Horus-Halsemon Egyptian god of the sky (Heliopolitan avenger, Iron Garuda, wings of love, etc.)
Anubis-Anubimon Egyptian god of afterlife and doctors,
Khnum- Egyptian god of arts and crafts,
Sobek- Egyptian god of water and the Nile river,
Sekhmet- Egyptian god of war and fire,
Khonsu- Egyptian god of the moon,
And Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom.

The Kushite (East African, Kenyan, Tanzanian, and Ethiopian) gods lineage:

Serket- Skullscorpiomon  Kenyan goddess of death,
Heket- Tanzanian goddess of water,
Bast- Ethiopian founder of the independent nation of Wakanda.

The Ashur tribal lineage (Kurdistan):

Ashur- Assyrian god of the sky,
Shamash- Assyrian god of the sun,
Nanna- Assyrian goddess of the moon,
Baal- Assyrian god of thunder,
Tammuz- Assyrian god of the earth,
And Ningal- Assyrian god of war and fire.

The Benjaminite lineage:

Ormazd-(Aura Mazda)-Holy Angelmon (priest mode) Persian/Iranian god of the sky,
Vohu Manna- Muzuzu-Dorugyrmon Persian/Iranian god of animals and wildlife,
Khasatra vairya-Holy Angelmon Persian/Iranian god of war and metals,
Asha-Meramon  Persian/Iranian god of fire,
Amertat-Ancient Troymon Persian/Iranian goddess of the earth,
Haurvatat-Ancient Mermaid Mon Persian/Iranian goddess of the sea,
Spenta Mainyu-Archangelmon Persian/Iranian god of sun, moon, and justice,
And Ahrimon- Persian/Iranian god of death.

The Menasha lineage:

Brahma- Vedic god of creation,
Vishnu- Vedic god of the sky (Matsya, Kurma,  Varhara,  Narasimha, and Kalki.)
(the fish, the green sea turtle, the warthog, the lion/tiger hybrid, and the horse.)
Lakshmi- the mother goddess,
Garuda-Garudamon Vedic  god of the sky “in-training”,
Indra- Vedic  god of thunder,
Agni- Vedic  god of fire,
Vayu- Vedic  god of air,  
Varuna- Vedic  god of the ocean,
Ganga- Vedic  goddess of the river Ganges,
Surya- Vedic  god of the sun,
Ratri- Vedic goddess of the moon,
Vritra-Vritramon Vedic god of evil,
Yama- Vedic god of death,
Shiva- Vedic god of destruction,
Kali- Vedic goddess of death,
Ganesha-Skullmammothmon  Vedic god of wisdom.

The Issachar lineage:

(Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipino gods)
Issachar Xian (China):
Yu-huang Chinese god of the sky,
Kuan-ti Chinese god of war,
Lei-gong Chinese god of thunder,
Zhu-rong  Chinese god of the sun and the fire,
Nezha-  Chinese goddess of moon and mischief,
And Yen-Wang-Lo  Chinese god of death.
Issachar Amatsu-kami (Japan and Korea):
Yo- Japanese god of the sky,
Amaterasu- Japanese goddess of the sun,
Tsuki-yomi Japanese god of the moon,
Susanoomon- Japanese god of thunder and storms,
Kagutsuchi- Japanese god of fire,
Bishamon- Japanese god of war,
Inari- Japanese god of food,
And Mikaboshi- Japanese god of death.
Issachar Diwata (the Philippines):
Bathala- Filipino  god of the sky,
Apo Laki- Filipino god of war and the sun,
Mayari- Filipino goddess of the moon and stars,
Anitun- Filipino goddess of air,
Aswang- Filipino god of death.

The Joseph lineage:

(Russian, Kazakhstani, Uzbek, and Mongol-Turkic gods)
Joseph Svargan (U.S.S.R):
Svarog- Russian god of the sky,
Saul- Russian goddess of the sun,
Perun- Russian god of thunder (ultimate marvel comics era),
Svarozvich- Russian god of fire,
Stribog- Russian god of air,
Wels- Russian god of death.

Joseph Tenger:

(Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, and Turkey)
Tengri- god of the sky,
Koyash- god of the sun,
Ulgen- goddess of the moon,
Asena- the Wolf goddess of the snow,
Tulpar-the Pegasus god of the air,
Kuara- the god of thunder,
Erlik- god of death and evil.

The Naphtali lineage:

(West African, Senegalese, Cuban,  Haitian,  Liberian, Nigerian, Congolese, Angolan, and  Mauritanian gods)
Nano-Buluku  African god of the sky,
Anansi- African god of spiders,
Ogun- African god of war and the sun,
Legba- African god of the moon,
Sango- African god of thunder,
Damballah- African god of snakes and the earth,
The Death Baron- (Samadhi) African god of death,
The Gorilla King- African god of gorillas.

The Judah (Jewish) lineage:

(Judaeo-Christian gods)
Arch Angelmon (all of them),
Seraphimons (all of them),

The Gadite lineage:

(British, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Tlingit-Haida, Blackfoot, Cree, Assiniboine, Huron, Mexican, and Inuit gods)

Gad Tuatha da Dana an:

(The United Kingdom, Wales, Ireland, Scotland.)
Dagda- god of the sky,
Cernunnos-Moose Mon god of animals and wildlife,
Taranis- Jupitermon god of thunder,
Leir- Poseidomon  god of the sea,
Morrigan- Dianamon goddess of war and death,
Lady of the lake- friend of King Artorius (Arthur),
King Artorius (Arthur), unda- god of war.

Gad Manidoog:

Manitou- god of the sky,
Thunderbird-Thunderbirmon god of thunder,
Raven- god of creation and mischief,
Tawa- god of the sun,
Sysyutl- god of the moon,
Bald Eagle,
Haokah- god of thunder and rain/snow,
Owayodata- god of the wild animals and archery,
Spruce Sapling- god of death and rebirth/forests,
Toomazooma- god of storytellers.

Gad Inua:

(Northern Canada/Greenland)
Hodiak- god of the sky,
Nelvanna- goddess of northern lights and the moon,
Nunaq- god of animals and the sun,
Sedna- Seadramon  goddess of the sea/Arctic Ocean.

Gad Teteoh:

Quetzalcoatl- Quetzalmon god of the sky,
Axolotl- god of sun and fire,
Huitzilopochtli- god of war and sacrifice,
Ozomatli- god of music,
Coatlique- goddess of the earth,
Mictlantcutli- god of death.

And after all that was said and done, EL then changed his name to Yahweh, created the various other planets for his heavenly
Children to live on, starting their own lives, finally, he turned to making fish and water mammals in the water, amphibians and
Reptiles on land along with various species of mammal that lived here, various types of birds in the air along with bats,
After all that he did, finally time to make Humanity and Mutants (Digimon/non-Digimon), (of course he loved us all),
Then he divided humanity and mutants into various nation-states across the known world, Africa (west and east) (including Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Somalia)

Anatolia  (Cappadocia, modern-day Turkey)
Phoenicia (Lebanon),
Assyria (Kurdistan),
Mesopotamia (Iraq),
Persia (Iran),
The Philippines,
Roman provinces of Caledonia (Scotland),  Hibernia(Ireland), Cymru (Wales), Britannia (UK), Belgica (Belgium), Helvetia (Switzerland),
and Gaul (France),
Canada (north and south),
And Mexico.

On the 7th and final day Yahweh took upon himself to take a royal nap,

One day Lucifer (Devimon) was angry that his inheritance was stolen, so he decided to destroy humanity,
He didn’t know that his brother was watching,
So he plotted to poison humanity with evil,
But before he could bite the apple thus, finishing his ultimate perfect plan,
God woke from his nap and said to him:
(I caught you in the tree trying to foil my plan)

Lucifer said:
Yes brother it’s me, I was trying to poison your loved ones,

God then said on to him next:

(I’ll take upon myself to keep my non-human children of earth safe by hiding them on Celestial Heliopolis,
As for humanity, for you Adam you must toil on earth until you return to it, and eve, you shall create your
Own children through suffering, and as for you my dear brother, you’ll then shed your skin, turn
Your eyes red, you’ll go bald, your skin will turn to armour, your ears and nose will shrivel and die,
You’ll have to shrivel your limbs until they’re gang green to a point where you’ll have elongated
Body that end with a rattle of dead skin on your tail, you’ll have the wings of a giant bat, finally,
You’ll have the horns of an ibex, and you’ll have no teeth except the canines in your mouth,
To only grow in your mouth as a pair of hypodermic needles in hospitals,
And you’ll have no choice but to exile yourself below the earth I made.
The Digimon creation story


Begin researching some of the Greek gods and goddesses of ancient Greece.  While you read, be aware of the unique and interesting facts about each one.

Directions: Use the attached worksheet to list three interesting facts about each Greek god or goddess: 

Explore the websites below to learn interesting facts about each Greek god or goddess:

It is now time to research ancient mythological heroes.  Pay close attention to the common themes and elements that run throughout each story.

Directions: Use the attached Mythological Hero Chart to fill in examples of heroism from each of the four myths as you read their stories: 

Mythweb- here you will find stories of heroes such as Perseus, Hercules, and Jason:

Now that you have researched heroes from ancient Greek mythology, it is time to research modern heroes of today. 

 Directions: Use the attached graphic organizer to compare the characteristics (i.e. behaviors, powers, weapons, allies) of your modern day heroes to some of the Greek heroes that you have researched. 

Contemporary/Modern Day Heroes: Use the websites below to research modern day heroes.  Who do you consider a hero?  What qualities do they possess?

Watch the below Greek myth videos. As you watch, pay close attention to the common themes and elements found in each myth.  This will assist you in beginning to create your own myth. 

Directions: Use the attached graphic organizer to help you find and organize the common themes and elements found in each story:

Watch at least three Greek Myths. This will be your last step before you begin writing your own...

It is now time to begin brainstorming your own original nature myth.  Follow each step below to get your ideas flowing: 

1) Make a list of natural phenomena

2) Select a phenomenon from your list that is familiar to you and that you can observe.

3) Observe carefully.  Find out as much as you can about the natural event that you have chosen:

  • what does it look like?
  • what does it sound like?
  • what does it smell like?
  • what effect does it have on people and places?
  • what are the scientific reasons for this event?

4) Ask yourself, what if? Imagine and brainstorm all of the possibilities...

Choose the Goddess that will help you tell your story. Read myths about him/her to assist you in developing the character in your myth.

Directions: Complete the following The Research Worksheet to guide you in writing your rough draft.


It is now time to begin your pre-writing.  Keep in mind the following:

1) Purpose:

  • What is the purpose of your myth?
  • What natural phenomenon will your myth explain?

2) Theme:

  • What message or universal truth will be shared by your myth?

3) Additional Characters:

  • Briefly name and describe your main character, a mortal (protagonist). 
  • Include specific character traits (physical characteristics, personality traits).

4) Give details about the setting of your story.  Remember that setting includes not only time and place, but also environmental details.

5) Use the  Pre-writing Graphic Organizer to assist in your rough draft:

It is now time to share your rough draft with a partner.

Directions: Use the Peer Review to give useful, constructive feedback to your partner. This will help both of you see what has been done well, and if there is any element that needs improvement.

*For additional help, you may also want to check out the Myth Brainstorming Machine

Congratulations! You are now ready to begin writing your final draft of your own original nature myth. Have fun and be creative!