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Access Chapter 2 Homework Project 350

Ofce 2016 – myitlab:grader – InstructionsExploring - Access Chapter 4: Homework Project 1EX16_AC_CH04_GRADER_CAP_HW - National ConferenceProject Description: Your boss asked you to prepare a schedule for each speaker for the national conference being hosted next year on your campus. She wants to mail the schedules to the speakers so that they can provide feedback on the schedule prior to its publication. You assure her that you can accomplish this task with Access.Instructions: For the purpose o± grading the project you are required to per±orm the ±ollowing tasks: StepInstructionsPointsPossible1Start Access. Open the ²le named exploring_a04_grader_h1.accdb. Save the database as exploring_a04_grader_h1_LastFirst.02Select the Speakers table as the record source ±or a ±orm. Use the Form tool to create a new ±orm with a stacked layout.123Change the title in the ±orm header to Enter/Edit Speakers. Reduce the width o± the text box controls to approximately hal± o± their original size.

Homework Chapter 2:2-23Candies manufactures jaw-breaker candies in a fully automated process. The machine that produces candies was purchased recently and can make 4,400 per month. The machine costs $9,500 and is depreciated using straight line depreciation over 10 years assuming zero residual value. Rent for the factory space and warehouse and other fixed manufacturing overhead costs total $1,300 per month. Dotball currently makes and sells 3,100 jaw-breakers per month. Dotball buys just enough materials each month to make the jaw-breakers it needs to sell. Materials cost 10 cents per jaw-breaker. Next year Dotball expects demand to increase by 100%. At this volumeof materials purchased, it will get a10% discount on price. Rent and other fixed manufacturing overhead costs will remain the same. 1) What is Dotball's current annual relevant range of output? 4,400*12 = 52,0002) What is Dotball's current annual fixed manufacturing cost within the relevant range? What is the annual variable manufacturing cost? = $1,300 * 12 = $15,600 for Rent + $9,500 / 10 = $950