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Spintronics Research Papers


Spintronics: A contemporary review of emerging electronics devices rights and content

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Spintronics is a new field of research exploiting the influence of electron spin on the electrical conduction (or current is spin dependent). The major problem is the realization and fabrication of spintronics based devices. To meet the objective scientific community is developing the novel kind of materials that relies on magnetism instead of flow of current through electron. This paper illustrates and reviews one of the emerging technologies known as spintronics by putting few low power computing techniques altogether based on spintronics to provide a basic and meaningful understanding to the reader. The challenges of spintronics devices that has to meet for the success of electronics future are summarized.


Spin valve







Su-Hyun Gong, F. Alpeggiani, B. Sciacca, E. C. Garnett, and L. Kuipers
Nanoscale chiral valley-photon interface through optical spin-orbit coupling
Science 359, 443 (2018) published 26 January
(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters
S. Wu, V. Fatemi, ..., R. J. Cava, and P. Jarillo-Herrero
Observation of the quantum spin Hall effect up to 100 kelvin in a monolayer crystal
Science 359, 76 (2018) published 5 January
(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters


E. Maguid, M. Yannai, ..., V. Kleiner, and E. Hasman
Disorder-induced optical transition from spin Hall to random Rashba effect
Science 358, 1411 (2017) published 15 December
Sangjun Jeon, Y. Xie, J. Li, ..., B. A. Bernevig, and A. Yazdani
Distinguishing a Majorana zero mode using spin-resolved measurements
Science, advance publication (10.1126/science.aan3670) (2017)
(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters
The follwing three papers contain similar messages
  • M. Baumgartner, K. Garello, ..., J. Raabe, and P. Gambardella
    Spatially and time-resolved magnetization dynamics driven by spin-orbit torques
    Nature Nanotechnology 12, 980 (2017) published October
    (*) Highlighted by Kei Yamamoto and Hidekazu Kurebayashi in News & Views [Nature Nanotechnology 12, 941 (2017) published October]
  • M. M. Decker, M. S. Wornle, ..., M. Kronseder, and C. H. Back
    Time resolved measurements of the switching trajectory of Pt/Co elements induced by spin-orbit torques
    Physical Review Letters 118, 257201 (2017) published 23 June
  • Jungbum Yoon, Seo-Won Lee, ..., Kyung-Jin Lee, and Hyunsoo Yang
    Anomalous spin-orbit torque switching due to field-like torque-assisted domain wall reflection
    Science Advances 3, e1603099 (2017) published 21 April
I. Gross, W. Akhtar, ..., S. Fusil, and V. Jacques
Real-space imaging of non-collinear antiferromagnetic order with a single-spin magnetometer
Nature 549, 252 (2017) published 14 September
W. Zhao, Z. Liu, ..., Y. Liu, and J. Shi
Superparamagnetic enhancement of thermoelectric performance
Nature 549, 247 (2017) published 14 September
(*) Highlighted by Stephen R. Boona in News & Views [Nature 549, 169 (2017) published 14 September]
A. K. Nayak, V. Kumar, C. Felser, and S. S. P. Parkin
Magnetic antiskyrmions above room temperature in tetragonal Heusler materials
Nature 548, 561 (2017) published 31 August
X. Sun, S. Velez, ..., F. Casanova, and L. E. Hueso
A molecular spin-photovoltaic device
Science 357, 677 (2017) published 18 August
J. Torrejon, M. Riou, ..., H. Kubota, S. Yuasa, M. D. Stiles, and J. Grollier
Neuromorphic computing with nanoscale spintronic oscillators
Nature 547, 428 (2017) published 27 July
(*) Highlighted by Frank Hoppensteadt in News & Views [Nature 547, 407 (2017) published 27 July]
C. Donnelly, M. Guizar-Sicairos, ..., J. Raabe, and L. J. Heyderman
Three-dimensional magnetization structures revealed with X-ray vector nanotomography
Nature 547, 328 (2017) published 20 July
C. Du, T. van der Sar, ..., Y. Tserkovnyak, and A. Yacoby
Control and local measurement of the spin chemical potential in a magnetic insulator
Science 357, 195 (2017) published 14 July
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All-oxide-based synthetic antiferromagnets exhibiting layer-resolved magnetization reversal
Science 357, 191 (2017) published 14 July
K. Cai, M. Yang, ..., H. Zheng, and K. Wang
Electric field control of deterministic current-induced magnetization switching in a hybrid ferromagnetic/ferroelectric structure
Nature Materials 16, 712 (2017) published July
(*) Covered by Mijin in TNTL Journal Club on 7 February 2018
C. Gong, L. Li, ..., R. J. Cava, S. G. Louie, J. Xia, and X. Zhang
Discovery of intrinsic ferromagnetism in two-dimensional van der Waals crystals
Nature 546, 265 (2017) published 8 June
B. Huang, G. Clark, ..., Di Xiao, P. Jarillo-Herrero, and X. Xu
Layer-dependent ferromagnetism in a van der Waals crystal down to the monolayer limit
Nature 546, 270 (2017) published 8 June
(*) Highlighted by Nitin Samarth in News & Views [Nature 546, 216 (2017) published 8 June]
W. Jiang, X. Zhang, ..., A. Hoffmann, and S. G. E. te Velthuis
Direct observation of the skyrmion Hall effect
Nature Physics 13, 162 (2017) published February


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Nature 539, 509 (2016) published 24 Novermber

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Dirac fermions in an antiferromagnetic semimetal
Nature Physics, Advance Online Publication (2016) published online 8 August
(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters

J. Li, L. R. Shelford, ..., C. Hwang, ..., R. J. Hicken, and Z. Q. Qiu
Direct detection of pure ac spin current by x-ray pump-probe measurements
Physical Review Letters 117, 076602 (2016) published 12 August
(*) Selected as PRL Editors' Suggestion

D. Sun, K. J. van Schooten, ..., C. Boehme, and Z. V. Vardeny
Inverse spin Hall effect from pulsed spin current in organic semiconductors with tunable spin-orbit coupling
Nature Materials 15, 863 (2016) published August

E. Annese, T. Kuzumaki, ..., Han Woong Yeom, and K. Sakamoto
Nonvortical Rashba spin structure on a surface with C1h symmetry
Physical Review Letters 117, 016803 (2016) published 1 July

F. Katmis, V. Lauter, ..., P. Jarillo-Herrero, and J. S. Moodera
A high-temperature ferromagnetic topological insulating phase by proximity coupling
Nature 533, 513 (2016) published 26 May
(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters

H. Gonzalez-Herrero, J. M. Gomez-Rodriguez, ..., F. Yndurain, and I. Brihuega
Atomic-scale control of graphene magnetism by using hydrogen atoms
Science 352, 437 (2016) published 22 April

F. Donati, S. Rusponi, ..., C. Nistor, P. Gambardella, and H. Brune
Magnetic remanence in single atoms
Science 352, 318 (2016) published 15 April
(*) Highlighted by Alexander Ako Khajetoorians and Andreas J. Heinrich in Perspectives [Science 352, 296 (2016) published 15 April]

Z. Wang, A. Alexandradinate, R. J. Cava, and B. A. Bernevig
Hourglass fermions
Nature 532, 189 (2016) published 14 April
(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters

S. Velez, V. N. Golovach, ..., F. S. Bergeret, and F. Casanova
Hanle magnetoresistance in thin metal films with strong spin-orbit coupling
Physical Review Letters 116, 016603 (2016) published 8 January
(*) Selected as PRL Editors' Suggestion


S. Seki, T. Ideue, M. Kubota, ..., M. Kawasaki, and Y. Tokura
Thermal generation of spin current in an antiferromagnet
Physical Review Letters 115, 266601 (2015) published 31 December
(*) Selected as PRL Editors' Suggestion

J. M. Riley, W. Meevasana, ..., T. K. Kim, M. Hoesch, S.-K. Mo, ..., M. S. Bahramy, and P. D. C. King
Negative electronic compressibility and tunable spin splitting in WSe2
Nature Nanotechnology 10, 1043 (2015) published December

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Electrical detection of magnetic skyrmions by tunnelling non-collinear magnetoresistance
Nature Nanotechnology 10, 1039 (2015) published December
(*) Highlighted by Theodore L. Monchesky in News & Views [Nature Nanotechnology 10, 1008 (2015) published December]

S. Nakatsuji, N. Kiyohara, and T. Higo
Large anomalous Hall effect in a non-collinear antiferromagnet at room temperature
Nature 527, 212 (2015) published 12 Novermber

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Spin Hall effects
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Topological magnon bands in a Kagome lattice ferromagnet
Physical Review Letters 115, 147201 (2015) published 2 October
(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestions
(*) Cross-listed in Spintronics
(*) Reviewed by Seungju Shin on February 18, 2016

H. T. Nembach, J. M. Shaw, ..., E. Jue, and T. J. Silva

Linear relation between Heisenberg exchange and interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in metal films
Nature Physics 11, 825 (2015) published October

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Nature Materials 14, 871 (2015) published September

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All-electric access to the magnetic-field-invariant magnetization of antiferromagnets
Physical Review Letters 115, 097201 (2015) published 28 August
(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion

R. Kukreja, S. Bonetti, ..., H. Ohldag, and J. Stohr
X-ray detection of transient magnetic moments induced by a spin current in Cu
Physical Review Letters 115, 096601 (2015) published 28 August
(*) Highlighted by Gerrit van der Laan in Viewpoint [Physics 8, 83 (2015) published 24 August]

Y. H. Wang, J. R. Kirtley, ..., P. Jarillo-Herrero, J. S. Moodera, and K. A. Moler
Observation of chiral currents at the magnetic domain boundary of a topological insulator
Science 349, 948 (2015) published 28 August
(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters

F. Kisslinger, C. Ott, ..., S. Shallcross, and H. B. Weber
Linear magnetoresistance in mosaic-like bilayer graphene
Nature Physics 11, 650 (2015) published August

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Extremely large magnetoresistance and ultrahigh mobility in the topological Weyl semimetal candidate NbP
Nature Physics 11, 645 (2015) published August

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Electrical detection of coherent spin precession using the ballistic intrinsic spin Hall effect
Nature Nanotechnology 10, 666 (2015) published August

J. Gayles, F. Freimuth, ..., R. A. Duine, S. Blugel, J. Sinova, and Y. Mokrousov
Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and Hall effects in the Skyrmion phase of Mn_{1-x}Fe_{x}Ge
Physical Review Letters 115, 036602 (2015) published 17 July
(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion

W. Jiang, P. Upadhyaya, ..., Y. Tserkovnyak, K. L. Wang, O. Heinonen, S. G. E. te Velthuis, and A. Hoffmann
Blowing magnetic skyrmion bubbles
Science 349, 283 (2015) published 17 July
(*) Highlighted by Kirsten von Bergmann in Perspectives [Science 349, 234 (2015) published 17 July]

T. Wakamura, H. Akaike, Y. Omori, Y. Niimi, S. Takahashi, A. Fujimaki, S. Maekawa, and Y. Otani
Quasiparticle-mediated spin Hall effect in a superconductor
Nature Materials 14, 675 (2015) published July

Gyung-Min Choi, Chul-Hyun Moon, Byoung-Chul Min, Kyung-Jin Lee, and David G. Cahill
Thermal spin-transfer torque driven by the spin-dependent Seebeck effect in metallic spin-valves
Nature Physics 11, 576 (2015) published July

C. O. Avci, K. Garello, ..., S. F. Alvarado, and P. Gambardella
Unidirectional spin Hall magnetoresistance in ferromagnet/normal metal bilayers
Nature Physics 11, 570 (2015) published July

K. Y. Bliokh, D. Smirnova, and F. Nori
Quantum spin Hall effect of light
Science 348, 1448 (2015) published 26 June
(*) Highlighted by Michael Stone in Perspectives [Science 348, 1432 (2015) published 26 June]
(*) Cross-listed in Other Topics

L. Bai, M. Harder, ..., J. Q. Xiao, and C.-M. Hu
Spin pumping in electrodynamically coupled magnon-photon systems
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(*) Highlighted by Hans Huebl and Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein in Physics Viewpoint [Physics 8, 51 (2015) published 1 June]

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Role of transparency of platinium-ferromagnet interfaces in determining the intrinsic magnitude of the spin Hall effect
Nature Physics 11, 496 (2015) published June

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Direct evidence for dominant bond-directional interactions in a honeycomb lattice iridate Na2IrO3
Nature Physics 11, 462 (2015) published June
(*) Highlighted by Philipp Gegenwart and Simon Trebst in News & Views [Nature Physics 11, 444 (2015) published June]

Nature Physics FOCUS: Magnon spintronics

    • The next wave
      Nature Physics 11, 437 (2015) published June
    • D. Grundler
      Reconfigurable magnonics heats up
      Nature Physics 11, 438 (2015) published June
    • A. V. Chumak, V. I. Vasyuchka, A. A. Serga, and B. Hillebrands
      Magnon spintronics
      Nature Physics 11, 453 (2015) published June
    • M. Vogel, A. V. Chumak, ..., B. Hillebrands, and G. von Freymann
      Optically reconfigurable magnetic materials
      Nature Physics 11, 487 (2015) published June

G. Tatara
Thermal vector potential theory of transport induced by a temperature gradient
Physical Review Letters 114, 196601 (2015) published 15 May
(*) Cross-listed in Other Topics

H. D. Chopra and M. Wuttig
Non-Joulian magnetostriction
Nature 521, 340 (2015) published 21 May
(*) Highlighted by Richard D. James in News & Views [Nature 521, 298 (2015) published 21 May]

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(*) Highlighted by Christopher H. Marrows in Physics Viewpoint [Physics 8, 40 (2015) published 1 May]

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High-precision realization of robust quantum anomalous Hall state in a hard ferromagnetic topological insulator
Nature Materials 14, 473 (2015) published May
(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters

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Superconducting spintronics
Nature Physics 11, 307 (2015) published April

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Dynamics and inertia of skyrmionic spin structures
Nature Physics 11, 255 (2015) published March

Nature Nanotechnology FOCUS: Spin-transfer-torque memory

    • Memory with a spin
      Nature Nanotechnology 10, 185 (2015) published March
    • A. Kent and D. C. Worledge
      A new spin on magnetic memories
      Nature Nanotechnology 10, 187 (2015) published March
    • H.-S. P. Wong and S. Salahuddin
      Memory leads the way to better computing
      Nature Nanotechnology 10, 191 (2015) published March
    • S. Parkin and S.-H. Yang
      Memory on the racetrack
      Nature Nanotechnology 10, 195 (2015) published March
    • F. Matsukura, Y. Tokura, and H. Ohno
      Control of magnetism by electric fields
      Nature Nanotechnology 10, 209 (2015) published March
    • See-Hun Yang, Kwang-Su Ryu, and S. Parkin
      Domain-wall velocities of up to 750 m s-1 driven by exchange-coupling torque in synthetic antiferromagnets
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Magnetic control of valley pseudospin in monolayer WSe2
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(*) Highlighted by Bernhard Urbaszek and Xavier Marie in News & Views [Nature Physics 11, 94 (2015) published February]

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Physical Review Letters 114, 026803 (2015) published 16 January
(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion

Z. Wang, C. Tang, R. Sachs, Y. Barlas, and J. Shi
Proximity-induced ferromagnetism in graphene revealed by the anomalous Hall effect
Physical Review Letters 114, 016603 (2015) published 9 January
(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion

A. Burtzlaff, A. Weismann, M. Brandbyge, and R. Berndt
Shot noise as a probe of spin-polarized transport through single atoms
Physical Review Letters 114, 016602 (2015) published 9 January
(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion

T. Arakawa, J. Shiogai, ..., J. Nitta, ..., T. Ono, and K. Kobayashi
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Physical Review Letters 114, 016601 (2015) published 9 January
(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion

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(*) Highlighted by Timo Kuschel and G. Reiss in News & Views [Nature Nanotechnology 10, 22 (2015) published January]

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(*) Highlighted by Marc Cahay in News & Views [Nature Nanotechnology 10, 21 (2015) published January] 


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(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion
Y. Shiomi and E. Saitoh
Paramagnetic spin pumping
Physical Review Letters 113, 266602 (2014) published 31 December
(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion
X. Qian, J. Liu, L. Fu, and J. Li
Quantum spin Hall effect in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides
Science 346, 1344 (2014) published 12 December
(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters
M. Oltscher, M. Ciorga, M. Utz, D. Schuh, D. Bougeard, and D. Weiss
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(*) Highlighted by H. Jaffres in Physics Viewpoint [Physics 7, 123 (2014) published 4 December]
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(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion
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Graphene spintronics
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(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion
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Direct determination of spin-orbit interaction coefficients and realization of the persistent spin helix symmetry
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 703 (2014) published September
(*) Highlighted by T. Jungwirth and J. Wunderlich in News & Views [Nature Nanotechnology 9, 662 (2014) published September]
(*) Reviewed by Dongwook Go on 8 August, 2014
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(*) Highlighted by R. L. Stamps in News & Views [Nature Physics 10, 623 (2014) published September]
(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters
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Nature Nanotechnology 9, 611 (2014) published August
L. Liu, C.-T. Chen, and J. Z. Sun
Spin Hall effect tunneling spectroscopy
Nature Physics 10, 561 (2014) published August
(*) Highlighted by K.-W. Kim and H.-W. Lee in News & Views [Nature Physics 10, 549 (2014) published August]
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Nature 511, 449 (2014) published 24 July
(*) Highlighted by J.-V. Kim in News & Views [Nature 511, 418 (2014) published 24 July]
(*) Cross-listed in Papers on Topological Matters
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Physical Review Letters 113, 037202 (2014) published 18 July
(*) Selected as PRL Editor's Suggestion
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(*) Highlighted by J. P. Heremans and S. R. Boona in Viewpoint [Physics 7, 71 (2014) published 7 July]
(*) Reviewed by Jae-Ho Han on July 18, 2014
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(*) Highlighted by K. Carva in News & Views [Nature Physics 10, 552 (2014) published August]
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Ultrafast spin-transfer torque driven by femtosecond pulsed-laser excitation
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(*) Highlighted by K. Carva in News & Views [Nature Physics 10, 552 (2014) published August]
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Nature Nanotechnology 9, 548 (2014) published July
(*) Highlighted by I. M. Miron in News & Views [Nature Nanotechnology 9, 502 (2014) July]
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Nanomagnonic devices based on the spin-transfer torque
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 509 (2014) published July
(*) Highlighted by R. K. Dumas and J. Akerman in News & Views [Nature Nanotechnology 9, 503 (2014) July]
(*) Reviewed by Seungju Shin on December 5, 2014
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(*) Highlighted by S. Kitagawa in Viewpoint [Physics 7, 63 (2014) published 16 June]
I. G. Rau et al.
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Magnetization switching through giant spin-orbit torque in a magnetically doped topological insulator heterostructure
Nature Materials 13, 699 (2014) published July
Reaching the magnetic anisotropy limit of a 3d metal atom
Science 344, 988 (2014) published 30 May
(*) Highlighted by A. Khajetoorians and J. Wiebe in Perspectives [Science 344, 976 (2014) published 30 May]

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C. S. Wolfe et al.
Off-resonant manipulation of spins in diamond via precessing magnetization of a proximal ferromagnet
Physical Review B 89, 180406 (R) (2014) published 14 May
(*) Highlighted in Physics as Synopsis
(*) Possible topic for future project

L. Zhao et al.
Singular robust room-temperature spin response from topological Dirac fermions
Nature Materials 13, 580 (2014) published June
(*) Cross listed in Topological Matters

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Hidden spin polarization in inversion-symmetric bulk crystals
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(*) Highlighted by B. Partoens in News & Views [Nature Physics 10, 333 (2014) published May]

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(*) Editor's suggestion

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(*) Highlighted by A. Manchon in News & Views [Nature Physics 10, 340 (2014) published May]

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(*) Highlighted by C. D. Hu in News & Views [Nature Physics 10, 180 (2014) published March]

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(*) Cross-listed in Topological Matters

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Anomalous temperature dependence of current induced torques in CoFeB|MgO heterostructures with Ta based underlayers

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(*) Cross-listed in topological matters

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(*) Cross-listed in topological matters

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(*) Selected as PRL Editors Suggestion

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(*) PRL Editor's selection
(*) Reviewed by Jae-Ho Han on September 13, 2013

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(*) Highlighted by A. F. Morpurgo in News & Views [Nature Physics 9, 532 (2013) published September]

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(*) Plan to read soon

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(*) Possible connection with Kyoung-Whan's project ???

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(*) Reviewed by Dongwook Go on January 13, 2014

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(*) May be relevant for the collaboration with Prof. Jung-Hoon Han

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(*) May be relevant for the collaboration with Prof. Jung-Hoon Han

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(*) PRL Editor's choice

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