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Animals Are Better Than Humans Essay Typer

Animals Vs Man Essay

It is estimated that more than 14 million rats and mice and 1.4 million other kinds of mammals are used in research each year. These experiments can be painful, damaging and deadly to the animals used. The animals live in horrible conditions and then are injected with toxic chemicals to test if cosmetics and medicine are safe to sell to the public. The animals are only used in one experiment as after they die or need to be euthanized. The animals are rarely given numbing agents and are awake during testing.
Animals testing is bad as it harms both humans and animals, it is unreliable and it is unethical. I am against using animals as test subjects because owning animals is the equivalent of slavery. They are made to live in horrible and unhygienic conditions while being forced to undergo painful procedures. Animals can feel pain and get frightened to so why should we treat them in a way that we wouldn't like to be treated.
Some people may argue that without the use of animals it would be impossible to develop drugs or any sort of medical treatment. Without animals we would have no one to test on as many people are cowards and would not put themselves forward to be a subject. It is also the law that drugs must be tested on animals before it can be put through the next phase of testing. This may be but what about reliability? If we are going to kill animals shouldn't it be for a worthy cause like finding medicines and not for vain things like testing if make-up is safe for humans to wear?
Animal testing harms animals as they are bred to be tested on so they live most of their short life in horrible and cramped cages, there can be almost 27 medium sized animals (dogs, cats and rabbits) in one square meter. When they are selected to be tested on they go through painful surgeries, 50% of animals die 2 to 3 weeks after being tested on. It can also harm humans as humans and animals are different, we have different genes and different things affect us. Medicines and cosmetics that pass animal testing end up harming or killing humans 61% of the...

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  • Humans ARE animals

    Humans believing they must somehow separate themselves from nature by raping the land, taking what they want, and giving little to nothing back is what is making this world a complete state of chaos. We are animals, but if you're asking if other animals are smarter than humans I would have to say yes. Other animals can communicate and love and learn just as we can, the only thing that makes us special is that we act as a virus; working together to slowly destroy our host (this earth and clearly the life upon it.) Humans are the only animal in the world that seems heart set on destroying the whole planet over this preproposed notion that we need MORE. Greed is the core of the human heart nowdays and our media only works to embed that into our feeble minds. Is our toxic air and water and poison we feed our children and our outlook on the future so much better than it was when humans were living off the land? I think not, but then again with all the idiot humans in the world I'll have somehoe all butthurt about this comment and wanting to change my opinion because we LOVE to tell ourselves how smart we are and how we're the best when we all need to take a step back and see all the horrible things we have done to this planet and ourselves. Everything is connected, if we don't learn that sooner then we will destroy ourselves. If we were so intelligent wouldn't we being doing more good in the world instead of creating problems which leads to "solutions" that only seem to create more problems. You cannot treat a disease by resolving symptoms of it, you must find the ROOT of the problem first.

  • Animals are surely smarter than humans

    What is the definition of smart?
    Having or showing a quick-witted intelligence
    Intelligence and smartness depends on many things. Lions can kill prey effectively, efficiently and intelligently. That is smartness. Humans may have the logic or supposed smartness but does that increase our survival, does that help us? OF COURSE NOT. We are destroying ourselves and the world. Is that intelligence? No. That is foolhardiness, complete stupidity. Animals don't do things like that and have no avarice and are self sufficient. They don't go about polluting the earth. They don't lead to a mass extinction as we did in Holocene.
    Thus, animals are surely smarter than us but we with our rash, impulsive foolishness have suppressed their intelligence and made them stupid... Or so we think

  • Animal are our sacred brothers.

    Yes, I believe all animals are indeed smarter.
    I may come off as weird or a "shunned-outcast", or perhaps even an imbecile, or as one may call "a troll", according to the standards of the common person, but i cannot deny that animals have better instinct at times, which we do not. =(

  • Human accomplishments are of no value to most animals.

    We cannot base our debate about our "superior intelligence to animals" on our accomplishments that are of no value to animals. Why would animals visit the moon or surf the web? They have no need or desire to do these things. However, some animals can do things that we cannot, nor will ever be able to do, simply because they have needs that we do not have. I quote the Daily Mail when I say: "Evolutionary biologists claim that in some cases animals have superior brains to us and that many of their abilities are merely misunderstood by humans." Check it out for yourself below!

    On another note, all animals deserve respect, because they are all truly amazing in their own way, and I believe they are, sometimes, smarter than humans. Besides, what's the point of all humans having intelligence AND reason if many don't use either one for anything useful?

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  • Many animals have yet to be discovered.

    In spite of fact that humans are the direct cause of the extinction of over 100 species a day, some of which we never knew existed, some people still insist with absolute confidence that we are smarter than them (since we wiped them out)! Has there been some kind of test that all species have taken, containing no human bias that proves that humans are more intelligent? I see people all the time that are WAY stupider than my dog for example, no question about it by any measure. And my dog is not the smartest dog. Which is not to say that some people aren't pretty smart, perhaps even smarter than my dog (in theory), but MOST people aren't and all these people in the NO column pointing out all these things people have invented, well, YOU didn't invent them did ya? What did YOU ever invent? You're probably just another of the millions of dummies in line at the supermarket with a cart full of factory farmed poison who thinks that cruelty is the same as intelligence. Compassion and kindness are intelligent; be kind, be intelligent, and forget about hierarchy and dominance, they can only lead to misery for all the inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

  • Animals are smarter

    Humans seem to be smarter to a lot of people but are you just saying that because you are a human and you do not want to be stupider than a chimp or pigeon or whale?Also there are a ton of animals that have bigger brains,and the bigger the brain the smarter the person/animal(scientific fact)

  • Some not all

    Yes, animals are smarter than we think, but not all animals are smarter. It depends on what you mean by ''intelligence''. You can't say having the ability to create cars makes you smarter right? Just because you have the ability to do something others can't does not make you smarter. That is like saying a all A science student is smarter than a all A math student. They are two completely different kinds of things. Now, some animals are smarter than humans in some ways. Humans (not that i know of) have no claws, sharp teeth, ect. We mainly rely on intelligence to survive. Yet you can see beavers creating dams without using robots and stuff. Some animals (dolphins, elephants, corvids, ants, ect.) are scientifically proven to be smarter than humans, at least a few humans. Again, animals can be smarter in different ways, and creating human things does not make you smarter. Animals create their own stuff too sometimes, so you might as well say they are smarter with that logic. Yes, I believe some animals are smarter than humans

  • Animals are the smartest

    Do we have sixth sense no where as animals have they guard our homes also if we take care of them congo chimp is same type as humane can walk on two legs even it say not only humans are advance even they are also being advance in different ways

  • Animals are smart

    They are smarter than us you can ask to gane goodal animals such as chimpanzees a goooooooooooooood mind they are swee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ecee ee eet baby chimps are very cute did u see how they find termites

  • Animals are smart

    They are smarter than us you can ask to gane goodal animals such as chimpanzees a goooooooooooooood mind they are swee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ecee ee eet baby chimps are very cute did u see how they find termites