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Essay About My Country India

India Essay Contest Winners

We were thrilled to receive 28 essay entries for the first India Essay Prize Contest held at BU in Spring 2013!

We had just four weeks for submissions! The contest was announced during the busiest part of the semester when students were getting ready for final exams; thus, we weren’t sure what the response would be. It was the collective effort of reaching out to students by our distinguished faculty from the BU Center for the Study of Asia (BUCSA) and other programs, the Howard Gotleib Archival Research Center, BU Student Services, BU Writing Programs, and Global Programs that BU students heard our call and responded with enthusiasm.

We are so grateful to the following four faculty and staff members who agreed to read and judge the essays within a compressed ten-day period:

  • Maria Gapotchencko, Senior Lecturer, College of Arts & Sciences Writing Program, Boston University;
  • Nazli Kibria, Professor of Sociology, Boston University;
  • Douglas Sears, Vice President and Chief of Staff for the President; and
  • Sunil Sharma, Associate Professor of Persianate & Comparative Literature, Boston University

Congratulations to our India Essay Contest winner and runner up!

First Place:

Challenging Gender and Sexuality Norms through Devotion: Sufi and Bhakti Poets
Written by: Shrishti Nayak
A PhD candidate in Brain, Behavior and Cognition, in the Psycholinguistics Lab at Boston University

Winner’s reaction:
“I’m really excited that my essay was chosen for this prize. Submitting to this competition gave me the opportunity to share something that I wrote a few years ago while exploring South Asian devotional poetry in a humanities class. It was really encouraging to have people read and like my essay, which I had almost forgotten about. Initiatives like this India Essay Prize Competition give students in various fields the opportunity to explore their intellectual interests outside of the academic work they do on a daily basis. As for the prize money, I am currently carrying out research on Indian-English in the BU Psycholinguistics Lab (Indian friends — email me to participate!, and since it is a small scale unfunded project, this money will help a lot with the various inevitable costs associated with research. Thank you again to BU Global Programs and India Initiatives!”


Breaking the Motherland: An Analysis of the Figure of Women in Post-Partition India
Written by: Jeremy Weprich
A sophomore in Kilachand Honors College at Boston University, pursuing a dual degree in Sociology and Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences

Runner up’s reaction:
“It was not until the second semester of my sophomore year at Boston University that I was introduced to India’s power as a global and historic force. Although I have experienced years of high-quality education in the United States, it seems that much of South Asia’s role in international, historical, and cultural developments has been largely overlooked by Western academic institutions. To ignore the ethnic, religious, cultural, and political diversity of India and the larger subcontinent poses a significant handicap to understanding the forces at work in the social, political, and cultural dimensions of our world. India, specifically, can be used as a powerful lens for which to understand patterns and concepts that reach far beyond the country’s borders.

I would love to use the money I won from this contest to begin saving for a future trip to India.”

The entire list of entries is as follows:

India Essay Prize Contest entries
TitleFirst NameLast Name
1A Comparison of Haroun and the Sea of Stories and A Tale of Four DervishesTheaDiklich-Newell
2A Glimpse of IndiaSundharamaniVenkitapathi
3An Afternoon TeaLavanyaMadabusi
5Breaking a Country: India PartitionedKelsea-MariePym
6Breaking the Motherland: An Analysis of the Figure of Women in Post-Partition IndiaJeremyWeprich
7Challenging Gender and Sexuality Norms through Devotion: Sufi and Bhakti PoetsSrishtiNayak
8Education for AllVidya Sachita ReddyVemireddy
9Epigenetics, Indian Renaissance and Vegetarian ChiliMckennaLongacre
10Feminine Transcendence and Masculine Dependence: Religion as an Experience of Gender in Indian LiteratureKellyFelsberg
12India, My CountryNishithaShekhar
13India’s Emerging Middle ClassKelsea-MariePym
14Learning PerspectiveAlexandraKramer
16My Boulevard of Shattered DreamsLouenPereira
17My MotherPriyalShah
18Outsourcing of Animation and Visual Effects Work to IndiaJustinWagg
19Palwal Rural Health MissionKatharinaSchwan
21Shaking A Reputation: India, Orientalism, and International
22Taal, An Indian MelodramaHarleenGrewal
23The Country of ContradictionsNeelDhanesha
24The History of KathakRoshniSingh
25The Influence of Western Culture on Indian Classical Music: Shaping Nineteenth and Twentieth Century North and South IndiaLavanyaPradeep
26The Taj MahalMitaliHariawala
27The Tale of Indian CivilizationAartiJawa
28Tomorrow you Fall?LaurieOhlstein

The Dream of my India would be free from corruption, and all should stand together. There should be mass education and need-based education system to turn the human-population into human resources. People should have a sound economic standard. More attention to the growth of agriculture and industries. The country should export more of her product. Develop trade and commerce. Friendly ties with other nations. My country should preach the idea of the world family. We have provided useful essays on India of My Dreams. You can choose any article or essay according to your requirement.

India of My Dreams Essay 100 to 150 words

Ours is a country of poor economic background. About forty percent of her population are below the poverty line, and each of them fails to get even two meals a day. The bare necessities of life are a dream to a lot of people. But the India of my dreams would be a country of the better economic standard. There would require a careful planning from the grass-root level to make our economy healthy. Nobody would allow dying starvation. A sound financial plan will certainly better the economic condition of the ordinary men. The per capita income in our Country would as high as the people in the advanced countries of the world. In the land of my dreams, income in our countrymen would as the people in the developed nations of the world. The State will look after the comforts of, and there would be no dissatisfaction in any corner.This is all about the India of my dreams.

India of My Dreams Essay 200 to 250 words

The India of my dreams would be a stable country without any factions in social life. My countrymen would free from all ill feelings of caste, creed, colour, language, etc. They will all think that they are Indians out and out. They will never indulge in petty quarrels. They will stand together forgetting all the barriers and work as one.

About fifty percent of the Indian population are quite illiterate, and they all live a miserable life. In the land of my dreams, there would be a drive for mass education, and nobody would be left illiterate. This will turn our human population into human resources. The education in the country would be of need-based, and everybody is trained in something or other to earn their own lives without being a burden on others.

The India of my dreams will pay proper attention to her industries, Heavy and small industries would set up all over the country, and cottage industries would encourage side by side. The industrial products would be sent to other countries, and this will make our economy sound. The industrialisation will create a good number of jobs and help us solve the unemployment problem. The land of my dreams will have a liberalised economic policy, so that rich and monied people will come forward to invest their money in industries and thus help our economy grow.  It might sound impossible, But if we all try hard, the goal will not be far off to achieve.

India of My Dreams Essay 400 words


I love India, my motherland. But I am not happy with her state of affairs. The system of administration is not satisfactory. There is an erosion of moral values. Starting from the Prime Minister down to the layman in the street, everybody is involved in corrupt practices. I am pained at all these dirty things. I want that my country should come up to my satisfaction.

My country should come up to my Satisfaction:

The India of my dreams would be a productive country where the citizens would highly conscious of their rights they are to enjoy, and the duties they will discharge for the nation. Instead of being self-centered, they will think of the interest of the country more. The political parties will no more fight for their selfish motives. Their leaders would be sincere and honest to the core and will never indulge in corrupt practices what we find these days.

More attention to the growth of Agriculture:

In the country of my dreams, the government will give priority to agriculture. Irrigation facilities would be provided to all agricultural land. Our farmers would be given every encouragement to grow more food grains and cash crops and make the country self-reliant in production. She would able to export agricultural products to other countries and thus earn a lot of foreign coins.

A Network of Road and Railways:

The India of my dreams will have good roads linking to remote places of the country. There will also be a good network of railways all over the country. Excellent transport and communication facilities will develop our trade and commerce and put our economy on a sound footing.

Peaceful Atmosphere for Study:

Our educational institutions will impart work-oriented education, and as soon as students complete their study, they will find jobs awaiting them. So there would be no disappointment for anybody regarding employment. All would be kept engaged in some work or other. So our educational institutions would free from disturbance and peace will prevail everywhere. This will provide a peaceful atmosphere to students and teachers to devote their time to study and research work.

Research for the Benefit of Mankind  and Strong Defence:

The India of my dreams will provide the scientists with a scope researching space science, marine science,  nuclear science for the benefit of humanity. This does not mean that she will neglect her defence. She will equip her soldiers with modern weapons to make herself strong enough to encounter any aggression. But from her side, she will never wage war on other nations. She will try her best to have friendly ties with other countries of the world. She will preach her ancient ideal of the whole world as one family.


This is about my dream of India. It may sound unimaginable, but If we try hard then it is possible.

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