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Subcarrier Assignment In Ofdma

A power and subcarrier assignment algorithm is proposed in this paper for maximizing the energy efficiency in the single-relay multi-users orthogonal-frequency-division -multiplexing (OFDM) systems. Under the constraints of maximum total power and minimum transmission rate, we formulate a joint optimization scheme for subcarrier pairing and power allocation to maximize the energy efficiency. The Dinkelbach's method is used to depress the complexity and to transform the problem to a linear programming, then we use the dual decomposition approach solve the problem. In the premise of the system transmission rate, this algorithm uses the improved decode-and-forward (IDF) relay to maximize the system energy efficiency. Simulation results illustrate that, compared with the spectral-efficient maximization (SEM) algorithm, the energy-efficient maximization (EEM) algorithm proposed in this paper makes the energy efficiency not decline when the signal-to-noise radio (SNR) is at a high level. At the point where SNR is 10 dB and the number of subcarriers is 16, system energy efficiency is increased by 6.2% and 11.9% with the subcarrier pairing strategy and power allocation strategy respectively.

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