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Homeschooling Vs Public School Compare And Contrast Essay Samples

Home Schooling vs. Public Schools: Which one is the right choice for you? Thesis Statement: Home schooling can give a more direct and focused education than public schools, although public school can have advantages in various ways including the child's social development. I. Home Schooling vs. Public Schooling II. I would like to talk to you about homeschooling children vs. putting them in public school. By the end of my speech I hope you can see things from my perspective. III. I will talk about the pros, cons, and similarities of both, homeschooling vs. public. I will also share some insights I have been given from a family member, whom homeschooled her children. Body I. The pros and the cons of homeschooling. A. Advantages 1. Parental involvement and committment 2. Child Safety 3. No concerns about bullying 4. Choice of adult interaction 5. Less exposure to bad influences, like drugs and alcohol 6. Curriculum choices 7. Purposeful socialization There are many pros and cons of homeschooling your children but when you are ready to make that decision you will know what is best. First let’s go through some of the advantages of home school. Home schooling can be good for a child in many ways. They have a more direct and focused method of learning because the class size is not as large as a public school class. Children as well as parents are able to have a more flexible schedule, because it is up to you as the parent to live up to your commitment of being their teacher. You can control their daily schedule and be as involved as you need to be. The worries about safety of your child in school are significantly decreased because they will be in the comfort of home. You have less to worry about with outside influences such as bullying, drugs and alcohol because it is not a peer pressure atmosphere. You as the parent/teacher can build a curriculum around your child’s needs. Whether they are in elementary school or high school. It is your job to fulfill the state mandated requirements but also help those select electives that will better suit their needs for their future. While you are a home schooling parent there is a lot of ways you can properly address the socialization gap. If you address socialization early on your child will not suffer with the socialization difficulties most parents fear. There are tons of online co-ops you can get involved in where parents come together with their homeschooled children. You can do coop classes and send your child through the homeschooling networks, where each parent specializes in an area and other children come to the other families home or a designated space. It’s all organized by age groups so

Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling Essay

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When kids reach the age where learning begins parents now and days have a concern of whether to home school their kids or send them to a public school. Both are good methods in developing a good education for a child. But also have differences in techniques of teaching and environmental differences. Parents have to think about the cost, the way the child learns being in a social environment, and also be aware of what their child is learning in the street. We will see how home schooling and or public schooling have different effect on a child’s education. The choice of public schooling and or home schooling is a personal serious decision for many parents. First and foremost a sending your child of to a public school is free. It is paid…show more content…

In this case there is only one teacher and about 30 students. Parents also have to worry about the safety of their child in a public school. Parents have no accountability for their child's actions. Not even voluntarily. Too often a child will get into trouble for something at school with a teacher, get seriously injured, or be getting into a fight with another peer, and the only thing the parents want to know is, "Where the teacher was and what were they doing?" In the other hand parents who choose to home school their kids are faced with a great deal of advantages. Home schooling a child means that a parent has to give 100 percent dedication into teaching there child. One great asset to home schooling is that children are often way ahead in their grade work as compared with their peers in public school. They learn to read much earlier and advance through their subjects much faster and in a more thorough manner, due to more individualized attention and subject-specific attention. By being taught at home, the student has immediate access to the "teacher", and can ask questions at just about any time without having to worry about other students and their learning habits. Parents don’t have to worry about the safety of their child when it comes to home schooling. The child is in the home and always being watched if something where to happen it would be the parents’ responsibility and the parent would know what to do

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