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Essays From Miss Representation

Brooke Moore In today's society, more people learn more from media and technology than anything else. The media provides us with the message, and media is also considered the messenger because of the way they feed the public information. Miss Representation is a film based on how women are portrayed by the public, and it is not a positive one. This film discusses how the media puts these images in peoples minds about how we as women are suppose to look and act because of the celebrities and models that are shown on TV and on the internet. Over 1 billion people in our world use the Internet and the media can send out messages though this and they known it will reach our population. Three points I will be discussing throughout this review are how young women are affected by media, how looks affect women in politics, and how men are suppose to see women. Young women are exposed to the media and are told subliminally that there is a certain way you should look. You will never see the original photo for an advertisement because it is so altered to the point where it shows the public an unrealistic beauty that cannot be accomplished. The media makes it seem like their value lies within their bodies, and men are shown how women should look which is not realistic. Young women go to the extremes to look beautiful from eating disorders, plastic surgeries, and loading on pounds of make up to “enhance” their beauty. Within the film their was a student talking about how her sister was cutting herself because of the pressures to look beautiful. This view of the “perfect” woman does not exist and media is only making it worse by portraying that beauty is the most important thing in a young woman's life. Because young women are so worried about their looks, most women do not want to pursue a role in leadership because of the negative feelings they have for themselves.

Psychology 170
Soo Jin Kim
MissRepresentation Extra Credit

For many years, media has been influencing the society in many ways. We can view and interpret the media in many different ways. MissRepresentation was a documentary film about how media portrays women in society. The many ways that media degrades women has effected all even the young girls in society today. During the film, they show how women are objects in the media. The media is out of control and constantly sending out the wrong message about women.
The media is the message and it sends out messages, which allows people to think a certain way about the world. I believe that it is a powerful weapon and it is continuously growing. The media really portrays these wrong images of women, showing weakness and sexual content. These wrong ideas of women are sending out a dangerous message to not only women but also young girls. Can women be taken seriously?
This film really opened up my eyes to how people view women. I remember there was a clip of advertising image of women in media with Jean Kilbourne that was shown in class. I made a connection with that because I had not realized that women were advertised in such ways. We seem so weak and inferior compared to men. These images of the ideal women are shown through advertising and this affects young girls.
I realized media sends out this message where women are supposed to have this kind of sexy, skinny and pretty image. This is hurting young girls and they are striving to reach this goal of having the ideal body. Is that all we really care about? We do see women out there who are intelligent and making big changes in the world. However the image of beauty and sexuality of the women has pushed these intelligent and strong women out of the picture.
Not only did I make connections with what I learned in Psychology of Human Sexuality but also in other classes such as Psychology of Women and German Fairy Tales. I know German Fairy Tales might...

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