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Homework Station Hacks

Homework… ugh.  The kids hate it.  The parents hate it.  I’m always looking for new ideas to make getting the homework done a more pleasant experience for everyone (but mostly me).  I have been thinking lately that a designated homework station might be just what we need to keep everyone organized and motivated on the homework front as we head back to school here in a couple of weeks.  After doing a little looking around I found tons and tons of amazing ideas on how to put together some awesome homework areas in my home!  Some are a corner of a room and some are nothing but a little portable homework caddy but all look very effective at keeping all of the homework supplies right where you need them!  Take a look below and see if any inspire you!  Click on the links below each image to take you to the full post.

Create an organized and simple free standing homework station that doesn’t take up much space | Simply Organized

Make these darling “seat sacks” for each of your kids – perfect for holding books, paper and all of their table activity and homework supplies as you head back to school | Scissors and Spatulas

Make a fun and CUTE homework station, turntable style – easy to use at the kitchen table! | Mom on Timeout

Create an organized and accessible homework station right on the side of your fridge! | the 36th Ave.

Grab a standard bookcase, a table top and two sets of legs to create a pretty homework / office station for 2 | Decorating Your Small Space

Use an over the door organizer as a space saving homework and art supply station | a bowl full of lemons

Upcycle Items to create the cutest peg board Homework and Art Station | So You Think You’re Crafty

Great for kids who can’t study with distractions! Turn a small closet into the ultimate kid’s back to school study zone | i heart organizing

DIY Back To School Homework Stations

Create a space that’s all their own and cuts down on distraction. They will have so much fun creating these homework study stations themselves and personalizing them however they like! | momadvice

Create a really FUN Homework station complete with corkboard, chalkboard and a cute carousel school and art supply caddy! | mom 4 real

Create a super portable DIY homework station in a crate! | Uncommon Designs

Perfect for Little Ones – Create a workstation with different sections full of fun activities so they learn that homework can be fun! Grab the printables and cute ideas | Live Craft Eat

Create a super easy to carry homework caddy – plus grab her list of must have supplies! | A Bowl Full of Lemons

For all of the coloring, gluing and drawing that comes with homework – create this fun rolling mobile homework station from an Ikea Raskog Cart | Smashed Peas and Carrots

Make it fun! Create a gallery wall style homework station and include some of their favorite things | The Crafted Sparrow

Create dry erase “homework boards” to see what needs to be completed at a glance | Dandelions and Dragonflies

Create a fun MINI homework station complete with a motivational saying to keep you going. You are going to be amazed at the funky household items she used to create this one! | the house of SMITHS

Use side tables and bean bag chairs to make short comfy homework stations in the basement or their rooms | our fifth HOUSE

 Great tips on what supplies to make sure you include in your DIY Homework Station | The Polkadot Chair

Make a happy homework binder for the little ones and grab her fun free printable covers! | i heart naptime


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Back to School is… BACK! Having four kiddos, organization tips are always welcome around here. Today I’m sharing our Homework Station. It keeps all the school supplies in one place and it can be moved to any surface where the kids are working while doing their homework! This little Back to School Hack is the best thing ever! Take a closer look! 


If you are like me you know by now how much “fun” homework time can be. I don’t know how it happens but it seems to me that when you need a pencil, eraser, scissors, crayons or glue sticks all the school supplies magically disappear. This little portable caddy is big enough to hold all your kids school supplies and it is small enough that it can be stored inside of a cabinet or on top of a desk. 


Bath Caddy – You can find one HERE

School Supplies


The first think you need is a Bath Caddy. Look for one that has enough room to store all your supplies.

If your caddy doesn’t have separators you can use toilet paper or towel rolls to create separate organization areas. Use scissors to cut the rolls to the right size and place them inside of your caddy. You can also use empty soup cans. 

I also cut the boxes where the markers and crayons came in to keep them there and place them inside of the caddy!


Now that all your compartments are divided all you need to do is put everything in place! 

…and I mean EVERYTHING! We even have a calculator in there! 

{ Whisper Voice: The calculator is for me 😉 }


Time to do homework! 

Simply pull the Homework Caddy out and put it where your kids do their homework! 

My kids like to do their homework on our kitchen island! 

I told you… This Homework Station is as easy as 1, 2, 3!


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Wishing you an awesome day!